Here are some infos about the bands, dj’s, who will be acting on the second MÚÚÚVi Festival.

This is not the final version, nor the final program!!!!!



We have met them on 31 12 2005 in Békás szoros. They were on a “Trip” 🙂
I like their music, you can also listen to it: HERE.
One of Hungary’s best group in their style.

We invited them, and they have accepted our invitation.
SUNWORKSHOP will play on 11 august.

alibishop.jpg CSaszi, alias ALI BISHOP is playing FUNK, and he will play after SUNWORKSHOP and PLASTIC BITCH on 11 august.

Afro – Soul Sound System (HUN)

01afrosoulsoundsystem.gif A.S.S.S. will play on 11 of august, after Ali Bishop. They are playin really twiligt music, like: afro-caribbean (reggae, dancehall, dub), but also funk, hip-hop, soul and jazz.

W.A. is a team, which contains from 5 hungarian hiphop groups. These guys take part of the best hungarian underground hiphop teams.
Listen to their music HERE!

The team:

Akkezdet_cd_borito.jpg A Kezdet Phiai

aza2_over.gif AZA

bobakrome_over.jpg Bobakrome

fheszek_tagpic_over.jpg FHészek

frequent2_over.jpg Dj Frequent


Two rappers from Transylvania, well known in our region, they will play before the Wacuum Team – and maybe also together with them…:) –

Electro – Planet Junk (RO) – Blanilla (RO) – Chrome (RO) hosted by ARIGATO – BaseX (RO) hosted by ARIGATO – Dj ATESZ (RO)


2 hozzászólás

  1. sebő said,

    Király volt a party nyáron, csak így tovább jövőre ugyanott, kevesebb esővel… Bless


  2. Sab said,

    whats the best underground music website?

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